How to Install KeePass in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

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Free, lightweight, open source, and cross-platform, KeePass is one of the best-regarded password managers. It is also one of the safest, since it stores the database locally, not on a cloud service, virtually eliminating the danger of hacks and data breaches. Let’s see how to install KeePass in Linux Mint or Ubuntu, and keep all […]


How to install Git on Ubuntu

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An indispensable tool in modern software development is some kind of version control system. Version control systems allow you to keep track of your software at the source level. You can track changes, revert to previous stages, and branch to create alternate versions of files and directories.


How to install Qt on Ubuntu

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Introduction This tutorial gives instrustions how to install Qt 5.9.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. Perhaps it can be used for newer versions of Qt and Ubuntu too. A difference for OpenGL has been found and added as a note below.